The 10 Most Influential People In My Life…So Far…


I’m ready for the blowback on this one…  “Why didn’t your Dad make the list?” “What about Billy” “Oh, I can’t believe you have Tony on your list…” Here’s the deal, A LOT of people have been wonderful role models and mentors in my life. Some have come and gone, some I can’t get away from, and some I can’t get enough of.

I’m the personal development freak of my family. I can’t get enough of it. If there’s a way to access a higher version of myself, I want to access it. If I can do something more efficiently, I want to learn it. If I can do something I once thought impossible, sign me up. While I love my family very, very much, this often puts me in polarity with them. Frankly said, they just can’t pick up what I’m putting down :) Dad, if you’re reading this:

  1. This is called a blog. Think of it like an online journal. What you would call a diary.
  2. Holy shit, you may have figured out the whole interwebs(another name for the Internet) thing, Congrats and welcome!!
  3. Sorry I don’t call you more. But I think about you often, and

that just means that I accept that you don’t understand my motivations and that’s cool. Our motivations aren’t the same, our goals aren’t the same, our thoughts aren’t the same and that’s OK. I love you , I know you love me, and that’s all that really matters anyway!

Slightly guilty conscious aside, what follow is a list of people that I feel you owe it to yourself to look up, read, follow, or befriend. They’ve certainly had a tremendous impact on who I’m becoming. I’ve tried to put them in some kind of actual order and where applicable have linked their name to their twitter feed. No excuses for not checking them out!!

1. Wanda & Leo Stuber – Ok so these two admittedly, you can’t look up, read, follow, or befriend but my grandparents were AMAZING. I’m sure they had their flaws but I was too young when they passed to notice any of them.LeoandWandaThey took care of their community, worked hard, love their family very much. For any of the family that may disagree with that, read it as they loved me very much… I love and miss them every day. They have such a profound place in my heart that I started The Stuber Foundation in their honor to continue taking care of those in need. More on the foundation in a future post.

2. Tim Ferriss This guy has had such a profound impact on my life it’s ridiculous. For years, I had passed up his book “The 4-Hour Workweek” as everything that is bad in the world. tferriss
Just what we need, another slacker that doesn’t believe in hard work. Awesome. Then in 2009 (Dec 2009 in fact), I found myself burned out from work, recovering from a relationship gone down in flames, and wondering what the fuck to do now. I was in Cincinnati, Ohio at the airport en route to JFK, en route to Odessa Ukraine for a few weeks of, well… honestly… hiding that I finally bought the book. I saw it in one of the stores and it became one of my first 5 books on my new Amazon Kindle… back when they still had a keyboard. I could go on for hours about what happened in the aftermath, but this is the one event that had forever changed the direction of my life. Tim – If you ever come across this post, it would be my honor to tell you the full story of the impact you’ve had.  For the rest of you… just follow this guy…

3. Brendon Burchard – I found Brendon as a direct implementation of something I learned from Tim. Over time, I would end up volunteering to work for Brendon at his events and learn much from him. BrendonMost importanly (initially), I learned to ask “Why not me?” In context, if I see something that someone else is doing and it interests me, I ask, “Why not me?” It’s led me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. His was the first seminar I ever paid to attend. He challenged many of the things I “knew” about myself. His energy… Jesus… his energy, it’s contagious and invigorating. Among many things, Brendon is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen. Google Brendon Burchard – Skydiving story… It’s hillarious. Then go directly to Amazon, buy, and then read his books. Brendon had one hell of a story, you owe it to yourself to go hear it.

4. Patty – Nope, no twitter link. No picture. No way to contact her. Patty is my coach. She should be number two on this list but our paths would not likely have crossed without both Tim and Brendon. Patty is the glue that has held me together for the past two years. We set goals based on results that mean something to me. Not to anyone else, but to me and what I really want out of my life. We map them out, she helps me with strategies, and she holds me accountable. I absolutely love this woman and would not be where I am today without her. I have zero doubt of that. She’s actually introduced me to other mentors on this list. Patty if you ever read this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you infinitely. For the others reading this, every world class professional has a coach of some kind. Even if you just start with an accountability parter that’s a friend or even a facebook group, coaches move the needle and amplify your results.

5. David Deida – I’ve only recently come across the works of David Deida. Honestly, now I don’t even recall where I first heard of him. I think it was a tantric massage consult maybe?? David nails masculinity. In a time where many couples are loosing their polarity and therefore their passion, David becomes the ultimate “relationship coach” for men. I read his book “The Way of the Superior Man” and it has been life changing in my romantic relationships. LIFE CHANGING. TheWayDon’t judge a book by its cover. It’s not about being a misogynist… not by a long shot. That’s not what a “superior man” is… Not by a long shot. In the end, all I can really say here is, Guys, if you feel like something is missing in your life. Anything like a purpose, or a relationship, or something just feels less than… read this book. You and your special someone will thank me for it. :)

6. Tony Robbins – Tony… Come on now… is there really anything more that needs to be said?? I’ve been to Unleash The Power Within twice. I’ll be attending my second Date With Destiny this December and can’t wait. This guy took all of the parts and put them all together for me over the course of a single week! If you do nothing or follow no one else on this list, follow Tony, put just a little faith in him and get yourself to Date With Destiny with an open mind. TonyForget about walking through fire. Sure it’s empowering. So what. What if you could find out what really drives you. YOU, not society. You. What if you could shed all of your bullshit beliefs. What if you could write your own destiny and live the life that YOU will be proud as fuck to look back on?? It’s only offered once a year in the US and once in Australia so book it early.

7. Jim Kwik – Jim Kwik is one of my favorite people in the world. I am so grateful to Brendon (above) for introducing us. Jim is a world class memory expert, speed reading expert, school builder, consultant Jimto Hollywoods best , X-Men super nerd (no really, go check out his twitter profile…jealous yet?), and all around rock star. Little does Jim know, he has pulled me from the depths of despair repeatedly. When I was down… and I mean really down… like not sure I wanted to get back up kind of down… I thought “Damn, what if Jim could see you now?” I pretty much shamed myself into standing back up. You see Jim is the kind of guy that somehow shows up and pulls out the best in you. Then he shows it to you like, ” See this? See what the world sees when they see you? It’s amazing” Jim is the kind of guy that one interaction and you feel like you owe it to yourself, to him, and to the community to be the best version of yourself. I’m very very fortunate to call Jim a friend and will do whatever must be done to be viewed the same. If you’re asking why Jim is all the way down at number 7… It’s because 7 is my favorite number, and that’s where Jim belongs. Jim hosts an event called SuperHeroYou where he focuses on how you can find, develop, amplify, and share your own superpowers with the world. Hands down my favorite event ever. It’s not easy to get into so sign up for his list at and if you see it open book it. It sells out quick… or Kwik… If you want to enhance your memory or learn how to speed read, head on over to Kwik Learning.

8. Wayne Dyer – May Wayne rest in peace. In losing Wayne this year, we lost a precious gift to the world. It was through Wayne at one of WayneBrendon’s events that I was finally able to find my spiritual peace after 20+ years of knowing that something just wasn’t right. I don’t know how long the family will keep his social media sites up. Hopefully for a while if for nothing else than to repost old Wayne quotes. Thank you, Wayne.

9. Darren Hardy – The businessman of businessmen. I love this guy. DarrenI love his no nonsense approach, I love how frank he is, and I just like how he shows up in the world. If you’ve ever thought of doing the entrepreneur thing, this guy is a must. I learned more about being productive in one day with him than in 2 years of reading books and putting them into practice. Darren is also the publisher of Success Magazine. When I first heard Darren speak from stage I was hooked. In fact, I believe this is where I first met Jim as well. Just watch the first 16 minutes of this presentation. You’ll soon see why if you’re subscribing to any magazine, Success should be the one.

10. Phil Town – My Patty first brought Phil to my attention. Phil PhilTown is a hedge fund manager, best selling author, and an excellent financial educator. He is my financial mentor. He is why I’ve been studying for my Series 65 Investment Advisor exam. He is the reason that I’ve been able to secure my financial future. Not to mention he’s just a hell of a good guy. If you have an interest in taking control of your finances Phil could be your guy. If you’d like to see the results of his teaching, you’re welcome to follow my trading strategies at WealthUnleashed

11. James Altucher – Oh James… I’ve only found you in the past 30 Jamesdays. Yet you are the one who is kind of responsible for this even being online. Something about the way you write has inspired me to take action. Honestly, I don’t know enough about James to know if you should follow him or not. I can tell you that he has changed the game for me and he has done so within a very short exposure time. Something to think about…

Honorable mentions to Kevin Nations, Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Koenigs, & Dean Graziosi.

So this has been a really long post. Way longer than I wanted it to be. Way longer than I want future posts to be. I typed tonight instead of going to bed because I am grateful to EVERYONE listed here. I just could not be doing what I’m doing or going where I’m going without them. To all of you, Thank You.

Be amazing,




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