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401k Plans are a Scam. What I’m Doing Instead


I guess the title of this post could be a bit controversial. After all, even I contribute 1% of my income to my company sponsored 401k  plan. But still, I’m on the side that thinks that 401k plans for the most part are total bullshit. I love the idea of pretax savings as much as the next guy but for most of us these plans offer very few options to really grow your nest egg.

Before I got any further: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. I AM NOT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Seek a qualified professional and understand what is suitable for your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. Read On…

10 Ideas to Reach Financial Freedom Faster

The big  Firework of United States dollars

Oh to be rich… or in the 1%…. but is that really what I want?? No, I want the feelings that come along with it. I want the freedom that comes along with it. I want the problems that come along with it. I love having bigger and better problems :)

Have you ever stopped and defined what financial freedom means to you? I think that’s one of my biggest challenges. It’s hard to forget what you’ve been brainwashed into Read On…

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