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10 Ideas of 10 Idea Lists


I’m telling you, if I’m not already annoying enough, I’m going to be. Maybe you’ll one day pick up one of James’ books and find value in waking up and generating ideas or in this case ideas for ideas. :) I’m rather enjoying the process and while James claims you have to do it for 6 months I’m already beginning to see some benefit. If nothing else It’s fun and works really well to clear your head resulting in greater focus. @JAltucher did you just cure ADHD??

Today’s list is simply a list of ideas of list ideas I’d like to generate. It’s kind of interesting when you get into a “flow” of sorts,  Read On…

10 Ideas For Things I Could Blog About


This is an interesting one since I really don’t consider myself a competent writer, let alone a “blogger.” (as chills shudder down my spine) But, here is a simple list of 10 (or so) things that you will most likely read about if you decide to Read On…

10 Things – Where It All Begins



Ok, so not really but sort of. I’ve never met James Altucher but I’ve just recently read two of his “Choose Yourself” books. To be honest, I couldn’t really put them down. I haven’t had a desire to keep turning the page like that since reading Tim Ferriss’ “The Four-Hour Workweek” which I also highly recommend.

But now…

Thanks to Read On…

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