My 10 For 2016

2016 Destiny

That time of year is once again upon us. That special time where we all set the best of intentions for the coming year. As 2015 comes to a close, I find myself in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico taking a little timeout to relax and reflect.

Having just come out of my second Date with Destiny, my head is still spinning. The decisions I’ve made, the people I’ve met, the people I’m cutting out, the man that I am destined Read On…

Giving Thanks 2015


Thanksgiving has come and gone. It’s my favorite holiday of the year…except maybe for Halloween. Damn, I love a good haunted house!! This year I have a lot to be be grateful and give thanks for. When I first started reading the Choose Yourself books and then started making lists, I couldn’t have imagined this is where I’d be in just 5 short months. So as I prepare to embark Read On…

10 Things I Measure Every Day


One of my mentors once told me that you can only change what you can measure. I’ve since heard that same thing from many others so who really said it first? I don’t know. What I do know is that one of the most life changing personal development programs I’ve ever done (meaning it’s still in my top 5) is Living Your Best Year Ever by Darren Hardy. The influence from the Great Jim Rohn is evident.  Every year, I still buy the journal and go through the steps. Admittedly, I’ve stopped listening to the audio accompaniment.

The idea here is that you Read On…

401k Plans are a Scam. What I’m Doing Instead


I guess the title of this post could be a bit controversial. After all, even I contribute 1% of my income to my company sponsored 401k  plan. But still, I’m on the side that thinks that 401k plans for the most part are total bullshit. I love the idea of pretax savings as much as the next guy but for most of us these plans offer very few options to really grow your nest egg.

Before I got any further: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. I AM NOT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Seek a qualified professional and understand what is suitable for your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. Read On…

The 10 Most Influential People In My Life…So Far…


I’m ready for the blowback on this one…  “Why didn’t your Dad make the list?” “What about Billy” “Oh, I can’t believe you have Tony on your list…” Here’s the deal, A LOT of people have been wonderful role models and mentors in my life. Some have come and gone, some I can’t get away from, and some I can’t get enough of.

I’m the personal development freak of my family. I can’t get enough of it. If there’s a way to access a higher version of myself, I want to access it. If I can do something more efficiently, I want to learn it. If I can do something I once thought impossible, sign me up. While I love my family very, very much, this often puts me in polarity with them. Frankly said, they just can’t pick up what I’m putting down :) Dad, if you’re reading this: Read On…

10 Ideas To Be More Efficient @ Work


I write a lot about career ideas. It’s been the major focus of my life since I found out at the ripe age of 20 that I was about to be a father. I’m not claiming that I had my priorities where they needed to be, in fact, my daughter would probably tell you that she wished that I wasn’t so career focused most of the time. Unfortunately, it took about 15 years to realize that my career was a bit too high on the list.

After reading “The  4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, I went Read On…

10 Ideas to Help Find Love in a Job You Don’t

Work Stress

How many times today have you heard someone complaining about their job? How many times today have YOU complained about your job? I think we’ve all been there. And now with all of these self help books and seminars shouting “Find and follow your passion”, “Live your purpose”, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” what are we supposed to do? Have you tried finding your life’s purpose? It’s not like it’s just hiding under the sofa cushion. Are you a “new economy” failure because you’re in a career that doesn’t ignite you? Worse, are you a life failure?? My answer is Read On…

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